Wedding Invitations Timeline – When to send Wedding Invitations and order event day stationery

When to send wedding invitations & When to order wedding invitations and event day stationery

One of the common questions I am asked as a stationer is “When to send wedding invitations out” or “When do I need to order my invitations by”. The answer, like everything in life is “it depends”. But I have prepared a handy wedding invitations timeline infographic below, which is suggested for when you have :

  • RSVP Cards to be posted back
  • No overseas guests.

 The quick version

  1. Order your invitations at least 16-18 weeks prior to the wedding
  2. send wedding invitations at least 12 weeks prior to the wedding
  3. Guests receive invitations at least 10-10.5 weeks prior to the wedding
  4. RSVP date: Minimum 6 weeks prior to wedding
  5. Chase RSVP’s: Chase down all guests that have no responded 4-6 weeks prior to wedding
  6. Work out your seating Plan: 4-5 weeks prior to wedding.
  7. Order place cards, seating charts, menus and order of service booklets: at least 4 weeks prior to wedding. 

The Handy Wedding stationery timeline graphic to save to your pinterest board

when to send wedding invitations and stationery timeline
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