Save on wedding invitations

How to save $$$ on your wedding invitations without going DIY

Don’t have the time to sit around with your tribe with sticky tape, glue and scissors making DIY invitations or are you a crafting catastrophe? well luckily there are other ways to save on wedding invitations.

Here are some simple ways to save on wedding invitations without compromising on quality. (Or help you decide what’s important to you!)

Part 1. Inserts

One of the biggest contributors to the cost of invitation suites is inserts, you know all those additional little cards. The RSVP, wishing well, accommodation cards, maps, travel information, details cards, the list goes on. With the average couple looking for two-three inserts per invitation suite, it quickly adds up! If you can afford it, they are great. They give your guests all the information in a neat little package, but if you’re on a tight budget and need to save on wedding invitations,  why not spend the money you do have on high quality beautiful invitations and save by using these alternatives.


  1. Postcard style RSVP instead of response card with envelope. This saves money on envelopes & printing the return address on the envelope, which over 50+ invitations can really add up!
  2. RSVP to a phone number or email address rather than by mail.  Just pop the details on the main invitation.

Combining cards

  1. Combine your wishing well and details card. Do you really need a separate card for this? can it be combined with your travel/accommodation information.

Create a wedding website

  1. Create a free wedding website and add the address to the printed invitation, guests can go to the website for any additional information.


Part 2. Premium Print Options

Foil Printing

Flat out, this is not a budget option! You can fake it, and honestly results can be mixed, but real foil can really cost BIG bucks. What’s the alternative? Well I’m glad you asked. add a “touch” of foil with our Luminous Metal envelope liners (available in gold and silver)!

Gold foil Envelope Liners : Cheaper alternative to foil invitations
Gold foil Envelope Liners : Cheaper alternative to foil invitations


White Ink Printing

Again this does increase the price of printing, ways around it are again “Faking it”, if you want white ink on black, print a black background. You can also select a single element to do the white ink printing on like I have done on this belly band on “The Jade” design.

rustic wedding invitations
rustic wedding invitation – design : the Jade


Part 3. Skip the ribbon and lace

While $3-5 a metre sounds cheap, it really adds up in material cost & labour! Imagine you wrapped it around as a belly band or tied a bow on an 5×7 invitation. That’s 30-50cm per invitation. For a wedding with 50 Invitations, that equates to $45 -125 for just the ribbon/lace. Tie the bows, sew or glue the lace for 50 invitations and you realise it’s a big job. Allocating just 5 minutes to assemble each invitation, equates to 4 hours (without break) of assembly time.

A great alternative is a paper belly band! They are quick to assemble and look great!

Part 4. Be realistic & Honest

Most invitation designers are small business owners who are passionate about making your day special. Being honest with us about what you need, and how much you are comfortable spending allows us to find a creative solution that fits within your budget. If you send us a photo from pinterest of an invitation with premium materials and printing techniques with no idea of your budget, we will quote that.  Let us help you find your perfect invitation, by letting us know what the constraints are.


The Handy Pinterest worthy Cheat Sheet

7 expert tips on how to save on your wedding invitations
7 expert tips on how to save on your wedding invitations

Got any other ways to save on wedding invitations? why not share your ideas below.