Wedding Invitation Costs

Wedding Invitation Costs

You’ll see it often on blogs and online wedding communities, advice not  to “mention the word wedding”, a well meaning warning issued to all newly engaged couples.  The implication is that the “w” word will increase your quoted costs for services, such as wedding invitation costs.

While this can be true within some vendor types in the wedding industry, often for good reasons, at Love Invites the cost is the same for weddings, birthdays, baby showers etc.

Does that mean your wedding invitations costs will be as low as your 30th birthday invitations were? Well probably not! Most of us are happy to have our guests RSVP to a phone number for birthday parties and to include this information on a single invitation. However when it comes to weddings many couples want a separate RSVP card  (insert).

Birthday parties rarely include additional information cards, or wishing well/gift registry cards but again, these are quite common for weddings. Like for like is the same price. The additional extras the often come with weddings is what increase costs. 

For some expert tips on how to save on wedding invitations, please see our blog post below and download our pricing/information pack to get an idea of budget. 

Wedding invitation budget

Our prices outside your budget? Why not consider printable options. We design, you print. See our cost estimator for with the “We design, you print” option selected.

how to save on wedding invitations - without diy
Wedding invitation costs - Hot tips on how to save on your wedding invitations
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